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To place an order from this website choose the item you would like from the Discover Rods Catalog page.  Your order will direct to the Discover Rods PayPal cart page.  You will find that the ordering process is quite simple to use and you can create an account at the time of placing the order.  Orders will be shipped through the U.S.P.S.

PayPal is one of widest used, recognized, and accepted secure internet payment systems in the world for your online purchases. Once you have registered with PayPal and have either set up a deposit or registered a credit card, you are ready to order from many websites offering the PayPal payment system, including many venders at Ebay.  Ebay acquired PayPal in 2002.


Ordering by U.S. Mail paying by check or money order:  Click on the Printer Friendly Order Form link on the Catalog page, fill out the form and mail to the address provided. Personal checks are held for up to 14 days for clearance.

General ordering information using PayPal without using the online Catalog page links:  If you have not already registered with PayPal, you need to do this first. They provide easy to use instructions for registration. Go to and follow the sign-up procedure. You will see some blue tabs at the top of the page under the PayPal logo.  Click on the blue tab that says "Send Money".  Fill out the form, giving details about where you want the money sent, how much money you are sending.

In the "Recipient's Email" slot, enter In the "Amount ($)", enter the total amount due for your order. Make sure that you include any fees for shipping and handling in the boxes provided. For each second item ordered the shipping and handling charge will be half the cost of the first (example:  First T-shirt=$18.00=$5.00 s/h, 2nd T-shirt=$18.00=2.50 s/h.) PLEASE NOTE that you are sending this payment in US dollars. If you are from a country other then the United States, your credit card company will convert the order to your currency when you get your credit card statement. There is no need for you to try and do conversions between currencies. In the "Recipient's last name*" field, enter Discover Rods.
The last field is the "Note" field. In this field, please list what you are ordering (including sizes if you are ordering apparel) as well as the name/address that you would like this material shipped to. Click on the "Continue" button towards the bottom of the screen.

You will be taken to the final screen that gives you an overview of your send money request. If there are any errors/corrections, click on the "Back" button on your browser and make the corrections. If everything is alright, then all you have to do is press the "Send Money" button.

That is all there is to it!  Your order is now placed! Once you are a verified PayPal member, your order will be shipped.  If you have any other questions, please drop us a line at



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