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During the 20+ years that I have been researching my family tree, a friend of mine taught me the art of dowsing for lost graves and headstones. He was worried that this technique of dowsing and cemetery research would not be carried on after he passed away.  I assured him that I would not let it be forgotten and in 1994 I advertised Discover Rods in the Genealogical Helper magazine.  Since then researchers from all over the U.S. have been using our product.

When I found the headstones of my great-great-great-great grandparents I was elated. No one in the family knew that these pioneers were buried there.  These headstones were lost for several generations and are nearly 150 years old!  Covered by several feet of sediment, but well preserved, I was able to determine their birth and death dates and make headstone rubbings of each one to keep a "hard copy" for my files. The headstones have been reset in our old family cemetery and entered into the state cemetery archives.  A memorial stone was obtained through the Veteran's Administration to honor g-g-g-g grandfather's service in the War of 1812.  Check out the Photo Gallery and the Links pages for more information on cemetery restoration.

There will always be skeptics, but numerous "lost" graves have been located through the use of Discover Rods.  After finding my first headstone, I realized how important Discover Rods could be to assist others in their genealogical research and to easily teach others the art of dowsing for graves. While most are using them in cemetery restoration projects, some have purchased them for the purpose of finding water, oil, utility lines, or in locating buried "treasures."

Discover Rods are an important tool for all genealogists to own. Simple to use, each set includes an instruction guide and tips for locating your ancestors. Cost is only $25 + $5 for shipping and handling.

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