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Discover Rods $25.00 each-shipping & handling is $5.00, for each additional Rod order add $25.00 and $2.50 s/h
Guide Booklet $9.00 each-shipping & handling add $1.00, for each additional Booklet add $9.00 and  .50 s/h
T-Shirts $18.00 each-shipping & handling add $5.00, for each additional T-shirt add $18.00 and $2.50 s/h
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All prices are in US funds only.  Payment can be made with this form using a money order or check.   Make check payable to "K. F. Grubb".  Checks will be accepted for payment from checking accounts drawn on a U.S. Bank. Sorry-no foreign checks (including Canadian banks) can be accepted at this time. Shipments paid for by personal check are held for 14 days.

Please send this order form with payment to:
K. F. Grubb
Ilehamwood Drive
Illinois 60115-1872


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